Medical Injection Molding Machine ALS-180

Medical Injection Molding Machine ALS-180

Our Medical Injection Molding Machine ALS-180 is of competitive price, stable quality, energy saving. We do business on base of honesty & profession.We devote ourselves to expand the market in world wide. And we enjoy good reflection from the customers for the machines.

Product Detail

Medical Injection Molding Machine ALS-180

1, Medical Injection Molding Machine ALS-180 Introduction

Medical Injection Molding Machine ALS-180 enjoy good reflection from the customers, and own the advantages as follows,

1) Precision: optimized mechanical structure with famous brand controller, greatly increase machine precise.

2) Stable: dual cylinder injection, perform stability and reliability.

3) Durable: platen with DFA design helps to strengthen the rigid

4) Energy Saving: comparing with traditional fixed pump or variable pump machine, it saves electricity obviously.

2, Medical Injection Molding Machine ALS-180 Parameter (Specification)


3, Medical Injection Molding Machine ALS-180 Feature And Application



The reinforced mould plate of five-point hyperbolic mould-locking mechanism is analyzed by finite element method, which can reduce the stress and deformation, and improve the rigidity and precision of mould-locking part.



The injection part is supported by double guide pillar, and the double-cylinder balance injection device makes the force of the screw more balanced and even during the injection process.



Hydraulic system uses world-famous brands, good stability, low noise, accuracy, thus ensuring the reliability and durability of the whole machine.


4, Medical Injection Molding Machine ALS-180 Detail

1) High torque oil motor pre-plasticizing drive
2) Five fulcrum and double bent axle locking mould
3) Oil motor drive gear adjusting mould
4) automatic lubrication system
5) Pressure, flow precision running
6) High quality oil pump
7) Injection many stages pressure, speed adjusting
8) Chinese and English computer controlling
9) Mould group data memory function



5, Medical Injection Molding Machine ALS-180 Quality Qualification

The equipment according to the enterprise standard implementation. And the enterprise owns rich experience in field of plastic injection molding machine.


6, Technical and After-sales Service
The supplier the following technical and after-sales service commitment
1) English Technical files provided.
2) Machine tested before the delivery.

3) Technical support online service provided.

4) Consumable parts at reasonable price when replaced.

5) spare parts provided with each new machine

7, FAQ 

1) Delivery time: within 7 days if in stock. It is subject to confirmation.

2) Packing: simple package

3) Trade Term: FOB, CFR, CIF, ect. It is subject to confirmation.

4)  Default power system: 380V, 50Hz, 3Phase 


8, Remark:

All the information (including words, photos, specification, figures, design) above are only for reference. It is subject to confirmation. The company reserves the right to revise all information (including words, photos, specification, figures, design) above.

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