How to protect the injection molding machine

- 2021-07-06-

Injection molding machine is one of the equipment commonly used in the plastics processing industry. It usually takes a long time to work. Therefore, how to ensure the normal and stable operation of the injection molding machine in continuous production is a worthy consideration and The problem that we are trying to solve is an effective way to ensure the normal operation of the injection molding machine during regular preventive maintenance on the premise of the correct selection of the injection molding model from the user's point of view. 
The so-called preventive maintenance is a series of preventive work and inspections to prevent machine failures and prolong the working life of various parts, such as turning a sudden sound quality shutdown failure into a foreseeable and planned shutdown or overhaul; it can be timely It is found that timely replacement of damaged parts can prevent chain damage, etc., which are the purpose of preventive maintenance.

1. Preventive maintenance

A. Hydraulic part
1. Cooler cleaning

The cooler should be cleaned once a year, or according to whether its working capacity has been reduced. Blockage or fouling inside the cooler will affect the cooling efficiency. The cooling water should be soft (mineral-free).

2. Hydraulic oil quality
One of the important properties of hydraulic oil is its chemical stability, that is, oxidation stability. Oxidation is the most important factor that determines the effective service life of hydraulic oil. The insoluble matter such as wood tar, sludge and carbon residue generated by oxidation will pollute the hydraulic system, increase the wear of hydraulic components, reduce various gaps, and block small holes.Eventually cause the hydraulic system to malfunction.
The oxidation rate of hydraulic oil depends on many factors such as its own and working conditions, among which temperature is one of the main factors. Therefore, use suitable hydraulic oil and regularly check the oxidation degree of hydraulic oil (judged from the darker color of the oil itself) ), it is necessary to decide the active oil change after a certain number of working hours.
3. Hydraulic oil volume
Insufficient oil will cause the oil temperature to rise easily, and the air will easily dissolve into the oil, which will affect the oil quality and the normal operation of the hydraulic system. Insufficient oil is usually caused by oil leakage or loss during repairs. For this reason, check whether there is any leakage in daily For parts, replace worn seals as soon as possible, tighten loose ends, etc. After maintenance, check the oil level of the mailbox and replenish it in time. 
4. Oil filter cleaning
The oil filter plays a role in cleaning the hydraulic oil, so the oil filter should be cleaned every three months to keep the oil suction pipe unobstructed, and at the same time check whether the oil filter screen is damaged
5. Hydraulic oil temperature
The ideal working temperature of the hydraulic system is between 45°C and 50°C. The reason is that the hydraulic system is designed according to a selected pressure viscosity, but the viscosity will change with the oil temperature, which will affect the working components in the system. Such as oil cylinders, hydraulic valves, etc., reduce the control accuracy and response sensitivity, especially for the injection machine.
At the same time, too high temperature will accelerate the aging of the seals and cause them to harden and rupture; too low temperature will consume more processing energy and reduce the operating speed. Therefore, it is very important to pay close attention to the working temperature of hydraulic oil. There are many reasons for the high oil temperature, most of which can be attributed to the failure of the oil circuit or the failure of the cooling system.

B. Mechanical part

1. Bearing inspection
When the bearing is working, there are abnormal noises, or the temperature rises, it means that the inside of the bearing has been worn out. You should check or replace it in time, and sprint you to inject grease.
2. Central lubrication system
All mechanical moving parts need proper lubrication, and the central lubrication system is one of the must-haves for the current injection molding machine. The oil volume of the Central Tunhua system should be checked frequently to see if it is full. All lubricating oil must be clean and free of impurities to ensure that all lubricating positions have lubricating oil supply. If the blockage or leakage is found, it should be replaced or repaired. Most mechanical wear occurs due to lack of lubrication, so adequate attention should be paid to lubricating oil.
3. Template parallelism
The parallelism of the template can reflect the condition of the clamping part. The non-parallel template will make the product unqualified and increase the wear of the equipment and the mold. The parallelism of the template can be initially reflected by the movement of the tail plate during mold clamping and the appearance analysis of the product, but the exact situation needs to be detected by instruments such as a dial indicator. The adjustment of the parallelism of the template must be carried out by a familiar person according to the steps, otherwise improper adjustment will cause greater damage to the machine