How to deal with excessive temperature rise of injection molding machine

- 2021-07-08-

This article mainly introduces how to deal with the excessive temperature rise of the injection molding machine
(1) According to different load requirements, always check and adjust the pressure of the overflow valve to make it just right.

(2) Reasonably choose hydraulic oil, especially the viscosity of the oil. When conditions permit, try to use a lower viscosity to reduce viscosity friction loss.

(3) Improve the lubrication conditions of moving parts to reduce friction loss, which is beneficial to reduce work load and heat.

(4) Improve the assembly quality and accuracy of hydraulic components and hydraulic systems, strictly control the fit clearance of the matching parts and improve the lubrication conditions. The use of sealing materials with a small friction coefficient and improved sealing structure to reduce the starting force of the hydraulic cylinder as much as possible to reduce the heat generated by mechanical friction loss.