Points to note before starting the injection molding machine

- 2021-07-08-

For the injection molding machine, strictly following the correct steps and methods to operate and use can be said to be one of the important ways to extend its service life.

First, first check whether there is enough lubricating oil in each movable part, and add enough lubricating oil in each part.
Second, turn on the electric heater to heat all sections of the barrel. When each temperature meets the requirements, heat preservation is carried out for a period of time. When the temperature of the equipment is stable, the heat preservation time of different equipment and different materials will be different at different stages.
Third, the injection molding material must be put in a sufficient amount, and the original injection molding food should be dried.
Fourth, the heat shield on the barrel should be well covered, which not only saves electricity, but also prolongs the life of the heating coil and the current contactor.
Fifth, check whether there is water, oil, etc. in the control box of the electrical appliance to avoid moisture. If the equipment is damp, it should be handled by professional maintenance personnel.
Sixth, check whether the power supply voltage is consistent, generally not more than or less than 20% of its standard.
Seventh, check whether each emergency device of the injection molding machine is normal. Check whether each cooling pipe is unblocked.