Features and functions of different types of injection molding machines.

- 2021-07-09-

Speaking of injection molding machines, presumably most people should not feel very unfamiliar. The so-called injection molding machine, in fact, can also be called an injection machine. It is the main molding equipment that uses plastic molding molds to make plastic products of various shapes. It can be divided into many different categories according to the plasticizing method, the transmission method of the machine and the operation method. In order to help users to better utilize the value of injection molding machines, Tongjia Heavy Industries, a professional manufacturer of injection molding machines, will introduce the characteristics and scope of application of different types of injection molding machines in detail.
The first type: horizontal injection molding machine
This is a relatively common type of injection molding machine. The clamping part and the injection part are on the same horizontal center line, and the mold is opened in the horizontal direction. Its characteristics are: the body is short, easy to operate and maintain; the machine has a low center of gravity, and the installation is relatively stable; after the product is ejected, it can automatically fall by gravity, and it is easy to realize fully automatic operation. At present, most of the injection molding machines on the market adopt this type.

The second type: vertical injection molding machine

In this type of injection molding machine, the clamping part and the injection part are on the same vertical centerline, and the mold is opened in the vertical direction. Therefore, it occupies a small area, it is easy to place inserts, it is convenient to load and unload molds, and the materials falling from the hopper can be plasticized more uniformly. However, the product is not easy to automatically fall after being ejected, and must be removed by hand, which is not easy to realize automatic operation. Vertical injection molding machines are suitable for small injection molding machines. Generally, injection molding machines below 60 grams are more commonly used, and large and medium-sized machines are not suitable.

The third type: Angle injection molding machine

The injection direction of the angle injection molding machine is on the same surface as the mold interface. It is particularly suitable for processing flat products where gate marks are not allowed in the machining center. It occupies a smaller area than a horizontal injection molding machine, but the inserts placed in the mold are easy to tilt and fall. This type of injection molding machine is suitable for small machines.

The fourth type: multi-mode turntable injection molding machine

It is a special injection molding machine with multi-station operation. Its characteristic is that the mold clamping device adopts a turntable structure, and the mold rotates around the shaft. This type of injection molding machine gives full play to the plasticizing capacity of the injection device, which can shorten the production cycle and increase the production capacity of the machine.