Structure function of injection molding machine

- 2021-07-14-

The structural function of the injection molding machine is composed of the injection system, the clamping system, the hydraulic transmission system, the electrical control system, the lubrication system, the heating and cooling system, and the injection molding machine monitoring system.
1. Injection system
One of the main components of the injection molding machine is the main camera system. Plunger type, screw type and screw pre-plasticized plunger type are usually three types of injection systems. The screw type is widely used. The injection system is composed of a plasticizing device and a power transmission device. Injection cylinder, injection seat moving cylinder and screw

2. Electrical Control
Electrical appliances, electronic components, meters, heaters, sensors, etc. together constitute electrical control, and there are usually four control modes: manual, semi-automatic, fully automatic, and adjustment. The process requirements (pressure, temperature, speed, time) and various program actions of the injection machine can be realized by reasonably matching the electrical control system and the hydraulic system.

3. Heating/Cooling

Heating the barrel and the injection nozzle is the main purpose of the heating system. The heating device of the barrel of the injection molding machine usually uses an electric heating coil, which is installed externally, and uses an electric thermocouple to detect in sections. The heat source of material plasticization is provided by the heat conduction of the cylinder wall. Excessive oil temperature will cause multiple failures. Therefore, it is the main purpose of controlling the oil temperature and cooling the oil temperature. Near the feeding port of the feed pipe is another place that needs to be cooled to avoid melting of the raw materials at the feeding port, which will cause the raw materials to fail to be fed normally.

4. Lubrication System
A loop gastric lubrication system that provides lubrication conditions at the relative moving parts of the injection molding machine's movable template, mold adjusting device, connecting rod hinge, injection platform, etc., so that energy consumption is reduced and the life of parts is increased, whether it is automatic electric Or regular manual lubrication is acceptable.

5. Injection molding machine monitoring

The device used to protect people and machines is the main device of the injection molding machine. Doors, baffles, hydraulic valves, limit switches, and photoelectric detection components are the main components, enabling the realization of the electric-mechanical-hydraulic interlocking protection. The oil temperature, material temperature, system overload of the injection molding machine, as well as process and equipment failures are detected, and the main function of the system to indicate abnormal conditions or alarm is not detected.