How to ensure the safe production of injection molding machines

- 2021-07-15-

1. Check before equipment installation
The injection molding machine is composed of various parts. A warm reminder from the injection molding machine manufacturer that all parts of the injection molding machine should be inspected before installation, mainly steel structure, bearings, bolts, etc. At the same time, record whether the surface of the part is anti-corrosive for future inspection.

2. Delivery and maintenance of equipment
In the normal operation of the injection molding machine, the injection molding machine manufacturer should carry out daily and regular maintenance in accordance with the regulations, and the daily maintenance is mainly responsible for cleaning, tightening, lubricating, adjustment, and corrosion protection. This is a daily inspection and regular maintenance. The maintenance and repair of mechanical equipment within the specified time, cleaning, lubrication, adjustment, disassembly and maintenance are the central content.

3. Request for reform

During the overhaul of the injection molding machine, overhaul means that the equipment is severely worn or damaged, and the mechanical performance is significantly reduced. The injection molding machine manufacturer warns everyone that overhaul should be carried out in accordance with the regulations: the mechanical power performance is significantly reduced, the fuel consumption increases, the operation is invalid, or the abnormal audio equipment cannot display normal production performance. Therefore, a comprehensive and thorough repair method must be adopted. Repairs also need to arrange a work schedule. In the process of reconstruction, there will be scraps, and professional maintenance personnel will be responsible for implementation. Records and acceptance are required. Provide overhaul acceptance certificate before installing multiple or close to discarded equipment, and record the scrap status at the same time.