Which injection molding machine is better for bottle cap injection molding?-injection molding solution for bottle cap injection molding machine

- 2021-08-04-

What kind of injection molding machine should be used for injection molding of various bottle caps in daily life? This answer is not fixed, because many models can meet the injection molding requirements of bottle caps, but the larger types are generally vertical injection molding machines. The horizontal machine is better for injecting large-size injection molded parts. Secondly, if you choose a vertical machine, it is divided into standard machines and disc machines. You can choose according to the actual injection material, injection size, and injection efficiency.

In terms of material division, PP and PE are generally used for bottle cap injection molding. Both of these plastics are thermosetting plastic materials. The injection molding effect is good, the injection molding process is relatively simple, and the functional requirements of the vertical injection molding machine are not high. . Then the range of optional models is very wide, such as common standard machines and disc machines are suitable.

In terms of size selection, the size of the bottle cap is generally determined by the number of teeth. Common sizes are 28 teeth, 30 teeth, 38 teeth, 44 teeth, 48 teeth, etc. The number of teeth is divided into: 9 and 12 multiples. The anti-theft ring is divided into 8 buckles, 12 buckles and so on. The structure is mostly: separate connection type (also called bridge type) and one-time molding type. Uses are generally divided into: gas bottle caps, heat-resistant bottle caps and sterile bottle caps, etc. The vertical injection molding machine models that meet this condition include standard machines or disc machines of 85T and above. The standard machine can produce 4 or 1 out of one mold. 8. The disc machine and 2-3 sets of molds are placed, and the injection molding is 2 or 3 times that of the standard machine.

In fact, whether you choose a skateboard machine or a disc machine, another important factor is the price of the machine, but this price should be considered from the overall production cost. If your labor costs, plant costs, and electricity costs are high, then it is recommended to choose a disc vertical injection molding machine, which is more efficient and saves labor, water, electricity, and plant area costs. If the costs you mentioned above are very low, then the standard machine is also a good choice.