Standard Headphone Headphone Feedback Machine-Standard Vertical Perceptron Solution

- 2021-08-05-

With the rise of smart phones, there are more and more various audio-visual entertainment activities, which indirectly promotes the development of the mobile phone headset industry. The injection molding of the headset shell has solid colors and black and white colors, so if you are planning to do a variety of long-term For earphone shell plastic products, then we recommend that you consider a two-color machine when choosing a machine. If you are sure that two-color injection molding requirements are not required, you can consider an ordinary standard vertical injection molding machine.

The standard vertical injection molding solution refers to the integrated injection molding solution of the whole machine + injection mold, so as to avoid customers from having to go to the mold manufacturer to customize the mold again after purchasing the machine. Generally speaking, manufacturers can customize injection molds according to customer requirements. According to the injection volume of the earphone injection parts and the injection raw materials, choosing a standard vertical injection molding machine above 85T can meet most of the injection molding needs of the earphone shell.