How to take care of EDM wire cut machine

- 2021-09-07-

1、 Regular lubrication of wire cut machine 
The moving parts on the WEDM machine tool, such as machine tool guide rail, lead screw nut pair, transmission gear, guide wheel bearing, etc., shall be lubricated regularly. Usually, the specified lubricating oil shall be injected with an oil gun. If the bearing and ball screw are of protective sleeve type, they can be disassembled for oil injection after half a year or a year.

2、 Regular adjustment of wire cut machine 
The lead screw nut, guide wheel, etc. shall be adjusted according to the service time, wear and clearance, and the conductive block shall be adjusted according to the depth of the worn groove.

3、 Regular replacement of wire cut machine 
The guide wheel and guide wheel bearing in the wire cutting machine tool are easy to wear and are easy to be damaged. They should be replaced in time after wear to ensure the motion accuracy. The working fluid of wire cutting machine tool is too dirty, which will affect the cutting process, so it should also be replaced regularly.

4、 Regular inspection of wire cut machine 
egularly check whether the power line, travel switch and reversing switch of WEDM machine tool in EDM are safe and reliable; In addition, check whether the working fluid of WEDM is sufficient and whether the pipeline is smooth every day.